Electrical Insulated Mats

SHOCK? We got you covered..


Kiran Rubber Electrical Insulated Mats are specially designed to be used beneath Switchboards and High Voltage Equipment’s. These mats are designed to protect operators from electrical shocks. Also known as Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).


Kiran Rubber Safety Mats are highly recommended for safety of operators from electrical shock when working in or around environments like High Voltage Panels, Sub-station, Power Transformer Rooms, LT & HT Labs, Near Bus bars, Near Control Panels Etc.



* For AC and DC Applications

* Low Temperature Resistant

* Acid, Alkali & Diesel Resistant.

* Transformer oil resistant.

* Flame Retardant.

* Great Ageing Properties.

* Aesthetic and Clean

Electrical Insulated Mat Products

IS-15652 of 2006


Manufactured as per Indian Standard of 15652. Primalrily made up of PVC, these sheets are extremely durable and long lasting. Used between 1.1 upto 66 kV.



Size: 1 Mtr Width x 10 Mtr Length

Colour: Black, Blue and Grey

Surface: One Side Coin Type, Other Side Smooth


  • 2 mm for upto 1.1 kV
  • 2.5 mm for upto 11 kV
  • 3 mm for upto 33 kV

IEC-61111 of 2009


Manufactured as per the IEC 61111:2009 standard set by the International Electro-technical Commission mostly used in the European Region. Made up of Rubber.



Size: 1 Mtr Width x 10 Mtr Lengths

Thickness: 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm

From 10,000 to 50,000 Volts

Colour: Black, Blue and Grey

Surface: Anti Skid Textured Surface

IS-5424 of 1969


Made only of Rubber, these sheets are manufactured as per IS-5424. Comes in a lining and chequered type design. Size availability is 1 Mtr x 2 Mtr and Thickness from 6 uptp 25 mm.

However, this IS standard is obsolete and we strongly recommend the latest IS-15652 Standard for a better and a safer experience.